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23 febrero, 2015

Jelou, jeousillo BookLovers, ¿Cómo han pasado este finde? Yo con muchísima carga académico, pero aquí estoy para ustedes mis amores beshos... 
Siendo lunes madrugador, les traigo la entrada del día de hoy. Además, les mostraré la portada rediseñada de TMI: City of Bones.

wow like guess who is reading The Fault in our Stars now
already halfway through and I guess it’s about time to try drawing some Hazel and Augustus.(not sure about his design yet though)
Hazel y Gus

Leo Valdez - PJ

the more I draw Dorian the more I just loveeee himmm Idk how Celaena chose. But I wasn’t completely sure about his hair. Its curly, but I think it was mentioned that the more it dries it kind of straightens out?? And I think I like it like this, cropped shorter, so I dedicate this to Emily after I saw this post!
Harry Potter
some beach percabeth for percy’s birthdaay
Anabeth y Percy
I dunno, I guess Tyson is precious enough to make Ella some cool mechanized book with little carved pictures of their adventures like he did with Percy’s shield:D
pirate!Leo for reasons we all know
It doesn’t even need a reason tbh
I think I am getting carried away with this colouring thing…I don’t even know what I want anymore
yeap that’s his mom tattooed on his arm

So its been snowing all weekend here and I just imagined how romantic the setting is! and just the idea of sharing a coAT IS THE CUTEST THING
and then my hand just slipped.
I never know what’ll strike me next O_O
Daenerys Targaryen

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